• How Can You Get My Website On Page One?

    This is the question most asked when people call to enquire about our SEO services. I’ll give you the short answer.

    Two things, on page optimisation, which means making sure that your website provides all the information the search engines need to decide where they are going to rank each page of your website for all the relevant search terms (or keywords).  There are over 200 factors Google uses to decide where your website will rank so we make sure your site is the best it can be.

    The second thing is off page optimisation.  This consists of building backlinks, or hyper-links from other websites to yours.  The search engines look at these links as “votes” for your site. But all “votes” are far from equal, in fact some backlinks can have a negative effect on rankings.  The more authority and relevance the website has the better the backlink.  Not only do you need high quality relevant backlinks, you need them to be natural looking or diverse.  If all the links come from the same web server (or have the same IP address) or all have the same anchor text this will look un-natural and cause problems and could get your website banned altogether.

    So in a nutshell, on page optimisation and diverse, quality backlinks will rank your website.

    If you would like us to carry out an in-depth analysis of the exact requirements needed to rank your website at the top of page one on Google, send us a request using our enquiry form.